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7pm at Deluge: Farewell Transmission

CPS Closings & Delays
Kristin Reeves | 6:30 | USA | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
The Chicago Board of Education made history in 2013 by approving a plan to close 49 elementary schools and one high school, the largest public school closing to date in the USA. I documented all 50 schools on a 100' roll of 16mm film in July 2014. Some had already closed, while other closings had been delayed. A DSLR captured vignettes of the communities.

Aaron Munson | 5:05 | Canada | 2017 | BC Premiere
A depiction of depression. Music by Loscil.

The Space Shuttle Challenger
Cecilia Araneda | 9:32 | Canada | 2017 | Vic Premiere
The Space Shuttle Challenger intertwines the Challenger disaster, Guantanamo Bay, Chile’s coup d’état and the experience of being 16. It reflects on the personal impact of large events in world history and small moments of hope that survive.

Material Test 01
Alyssa Bornn | 3:00 | Canada | 2016 | BC Premiere
A study of material/optical properties as experienced through a broken overhead projector.

Nu Dem
Jennifer Saparzadeh | 9:08 | Austria/Greece/USA | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
Nu Dem traces Europe’s closed borders in the Spring of 2016, arriving at an informal settlement between Greece and Macedonia. There, people wait and try to move forward in anxious, stagnant flux—confronting the dissonance between a vision of freedom and the fact of its denial.

Le Temps Perdu
Zohar Kfir | 6:15 | Canada/USA | 2017 | World Premiere
Le Temps Perdu engages a found film footage archive for the creation of a new, poetic work. “One need not look for new, as yet unseen images, but one must work with existing ones in such a way that they become new.” – Harun Farocki

In Still Time
Leslie Supnet | 10:23 | Canada | 2016 | W Cdn Premiere
In Still Time is an experimental animation that investigates the catastrophic image and spectacle through direct animation of still images onto 16mm film. The film uses images found on the internet from the current Syrian civil war which were then laser printed directly onto film, simultaneously abstracting and re-animating them. The images are juxtaposed with audio from news sources, interviews and YouTube videos posted by Syrian civilians, activists and journalists on the ground during different events that have taken place during the crisis. Through clues of shape, line, colour and sound these abstractions of catastrophe attempt to facilitate questions about our moral imperative to look, our ability or inability to bear witness to unthinkable human suffering and our complicity in the violence documented.

Membrana Mortis [Dead Film]
Kyle Whitehead | 5:00 | Canada | 2016 | W Cdn Premiere
Membrana Mortis is an assemblage of rephotographed and manipulated fragments culled from a damaged roll of nearly unprojectable film. Process and existence pre-suppose one another: an elegy to a dead film and the observance of a new one.

Farewell Transmission
Mike Rollo | 14:00 | Canada | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation opened the doors of the CBK Transmitter Station in 1939 to serve the prairie region of Canada. Farewell Transmission is equal parts indexical record of the demolition of CBK in 2015 and subjective response to the residual media documenting the event. The building is framed with tension preceding its destruction: emulsion pulsates as if with decades of radio transmission, creating an unsettled eulogy for a cultural institution.

9pm at Deluge: Basic Steps for Beginners

Live Video Performance: Leslie Supnet & Henning Frederik Malz (Canada/Germany)

Basic Steps for Beginners is a VHS expanded moving image performance that uses tapes sourced from second hand stores, discarded corporate/residential trash and garage sales. This project aims to showcase lost or forgotten pre-internet video content meant for home viewing such as independently produced instructional videos, meditation videos, corporate employee videos and other rarities, some of which are regionally specific and not available on the internet. These tapes are mixed with other more recognizable content such as motivational, exercise and other “how-to” tapes, so popular during this era, forming a narrative of seemingly endless self-improvement and empowerment through video. Basic Steps for Beginners taps into our collective memory of the unique, mesmerizing and time-specific aesthetics of the home video format.

Leslie Supnet is a moving image artist who utilizes animation, found media and experimental practices on film and video. Her work has shown internationally at film festivals, galleries and microcinemas including TIFF (Short Cuts Canada), Inter-national Film Festival Rotterdam, Melbourne International Animation Festival, Experimenta India, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, WNDX, Edge of Frame/Animate Projects and many others. She has been commissioned by Reel Asian, Pleasure Dome/Art Spin, the8fest, Cineworks and Film Pop! (Pop Montreal). Leslie has an MFA from York University and teaches analog and digital animation at various artist-run centres, not-for-profits and for the Faculty of Art and Continuing Studies at OCAD University.

Henning Frederik Malz is a German artist/filmmaker who is currently residing in Toronto, Canada where he makes art and serves on the board of directors of Pleasure Dome as a programmer. He was born in Duisburg, Germany and after studying sociology he graduated from Cologne’s Kunsthochschule für Medien (KHM). Most of his works are based on preexisting images and sounds that come from different sources spanning mass media productions to amateur media dealing with anxiety and loss, spectatorship and expectation. His works have been shown at a variety of international exhibitions, screenings and film festivals, including Other Cinema San Francisco, European Media Arts Festival Osna-bück, PACT Zollverein Essen, MMK Frankfurt am Main and the  Images Festival in Toronto. At the moment he is finishing his first feature film Lose Yourself, which was funded by the Kunststiftung of the state of Northrhine-Westfalia.

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