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7pm at Deluge: To Forget

One Off
Sofia Theodore-Pierce | 13:09 | USA | 2019 | Cdn Premiere
A glimpse of a mother’s face barely recognizable on a strip of Super 8 provokes a deep dive into questions of emotional inheritance and the value of an imperfect document. Mining the gap between uncertainty and recognition, One Off engages themes of reproduction, photographic method and the act of journaling to keep track of the self. No container can contain her.

Palace of Pope
Stephanie Barber | 12:08 | USA | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
My darling, these many days have been collated, inverted and mocked by the words and images surrounding them.
Palace of Pope is composed of found photographs and original text and sound art. A three-act piece, the video moves from poetic rumination both visually and sonically to a brief dialectic narrative to a long list of names and portraits as the sound breaks down and moves towards music. Throughout the the piece images are altered subtly through light, lenses and physical manipulation. The original roughness of the found photographs are present, and then again gone—banality and sublimity trade off in response to the poetry of the text.

My World Is No Longer the World I Knew
Weiye Su | 6:51 | Canada/China | 2019 | W Cdn Premiere
18 years later, I revisited my first “home.” Nothing seems to change and nothing seems the same.

Simon Liu | 13:00 | Hong Kong/USA | 2019 | Cdn Premiere
A film 16,000 splices in the making, E-Ticket is a frantic re-cataloguing of a personal archive and an opportunity for rebirth to forgotten images. 35mm photo negatives and moving pictures (taken during the artist’s formative years) are obsessively cut apart, reshuffled then tape-spliced together inch by inch in rigid increments. By exploiting the projector’s prerogative to break down fluid motion into individual frames, the work questions the role of continuity in cinema. Fragmented views swipe between a school trip to India, culminating with a protest of a 2005 World Trade Organization summit in Hong Kong. A retelling of Dante’s Inferno for the streaming age; freedom of movement for the modern cloud. My photographs may have been cut up and mixed around, but at least they’re all in one place now.

to forget
Lydia Nsiah | 17:00 | Austria | 2019 | NA Premiere
to forget is a filmic journey on the potentialities of forgetting and its resemblance to remembering. Recorded on expired Super 8 and 16mm film only, forgetting becomes productive and “visible” in non-existing, fading and colour-transformed film exposures. This (non) documentation of possibly empty and fading spaces (to be) is further highlighted by Jejuno’s trance-like and uncanny sound composition. The abyss is present.

9pm at Deluge: Autopoiesis

Sue Sada Was Here
Cindy Mochizuki | 9:06 | Canada | 2018 | World Premiere
Sue Sada Was Here is an experimental film that turns written texts by Muriel Kitagawa (1912–1974) into scores of physical movement, which are then enacted in the historic Roedde House. Kitagawa’s editorial writing and unpublished manuscripts speak to the pre- and post-war periods in Vancouver, particularly the injustices of the Canadian government’s policies towards Japanese and Japanese Canadians. The performers embody Sue Sada, one of Kitagawa’s pen names, and use books as objects of print history that can omit histories of violence and colonialism. The film was originally commissioned for “Memories of the Future III.”

Lana Z Caplan | 7:15 | USA | 2019 | Cdn Premiere
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Portrait of a Nation
Victor Arroyo | 11:00 | Canada/Mexico | 2019 | W Cdn Premiere
Landscape painting in Mexico often acted as a mechanism for colonial subjugation, perpetuating Eurocentric artistic and historical values. José María Velasco is considered one of the most influential artists who made Mexican geography a symbol of national identity through his landscape paintings. Velasco’s 19th century pastoral landscapes traced the shifting economies of objects in colonial Mexico, validating claims of legality by the settler state and aptly depict subjugation and colonial violence as normalized instruments of dispossession. By reshooting these paintings with a surveillance camera and restaging them with the collaboration of the indigenous Purhépechas, Arroyo addresses the complexities of political geography and race in Mexico, situating landscape painting and video technologies as surveillance assemblages.

Three Casualties
Jens Pecho | 7:18 | Germany | 2018 | NA Premiere
Three Casualties is an investigation of three movie scenes, showing stunts that lead to the deaths of the stunt doubles performing them. In some cases these scenes remained in the films whereby the audience witnessed an actual death on screen while simultaneously watching a fictional one.

Lina Sieckmann, Miriam Gossing | 20:48 | Germany | 2019 | Cdn Premiere
Souvenir explores the deserted inside of contemporary 36-hour minicruise ferry ships between the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and UK. As a low-budget replica of luxurious Caribbean cruises, the ship is in a constant state of transit, never arriving at a final destination. On board settings and décor bear reference to a European history of seafaring and trade while the actual ocean remains distant—in surveillance monitors, the on-board cinema and panoramic window fronts. A female voiceover is composed out of different interviews with seamen’s widows somewhere in between dialogue and inner monologue, circling around topics of distant love, fake luxury, colonial artifacts and a departure from society’s expectations.

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