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7pm at Deluge:
Craig Baldwin's Orphan Morphin'

For over thirty years, filmmaker/curator Craig Baldwin has anchored a non-profit gallery, studio and archive in San Francisco’s dense Mission District.

Among the many cinema povero practices of his Other Cinema is the re-purposing of older found film artifacts. Discarded by institutions switching to digital, and generally available for free or very cheaply, these motion pictures are called “Orphans” because they have no sponsors or archival shepherds. They have been abandoned by their original producers and have fallen into the public domain as obsolete cultural waste.

But, for those that valourize these sad reels, who find poetry in their abject perforated materiality, they are treasures of infinite possibility, ready to be “redeemed” by new montages and soundtracks.

Craig Baldwin’s hour+ lecture-demo will trace the meaning of this reclamation, of this “surfing the wave of obsolescence,” towards a perverse revenge against the Society of the Spectacle, that crucial Situationist concept that grounds Mr. Baldwin’s argument.

Through spoken word, graphics, and a very many cinema clips, he will introduce a series of his crucial neologisms, including Electronic Folk Culture, Media Archeology, Availabilism, Artifactuality, Detournement, Intertextuality, Collage-Essay, Ventriloquism, Derriere Garde and the Culture-Jam.

Through these new perspectives, he will advocate for a radical re-working of marginalized film material, towards emerging forms of collage, compilation-doc and even a makeshift speculative fiction.

9pm at Deluge: Summer Echo

Sneyd Green
Simon Liu | 11:20 | UK | 2016 | W Cdn Premiere
It’s any day, any year in the house of Alan and Vera in their Post-Industrial English conurbation formerly known for their world-renowned pottery industry, yet on this week they are interrupted by their camera-toting grandson. Conceived as a ditty; presented with an orchestra of loved ones, Sneyd Green is a handmade exploration of positive and negative space in concert with past and present yearnings.

Circles of Confusion
Jason Britski | 5:00 | Canada | 2017 | Cdn Premiere
Circles of Confusion is a formal experiment that combines underwater photography and archival home movie footage. The images are manipulated, superimposed and degraded digitally in order to reveal the beauty and danger hovering at their margins.

Expo, My Dirty Attic
Allan Brown | 8:02 | Canada | 2016 | W Cdn Premiere
My earliest childhood memory is shrouded in cold war phantasm, conspiracy, sea monsters and a woman describing her first experience on LSD. Expo 67 was the blossoming of Montreal as an international city and my surreal introduction to the complexities of the growing mind of a child.

All the Leaves Are Brown
Daniel Robin | 11:00 | USA | 2017 | Cdn Premiere
A short film about memory, loss, family and a sugar maple tree.

Your father was born a 100 years old and so was the Nakba
Raz AlSalah | 6:45 | Palestine/Lebanon | 2017 | NA Premiere
“I can’t even see it. They’re showing it to me,” my late grandma says as she travels through her hometown of Haifa on Google Street View, the only way she can see Palestine.

Robert Todd | 10:15 | USA | 2017 | Cdn Premiere
A dark history remains hidden as we travel from Here to There while remaining static.

Day and Night
Mooyoung Kim | 5:10 | USA | 2016 | Cdn Premiere
A visual meditation on the pre-language relationship and interaction between artist and landscape.

Summer Echo
Brian Virostek | 13:40 | Canada/South Korea | 2016 | W Cdn Premiere
Two children reminisce over a home movie which delicately walks the line between documentary and experimental film. From a courtyard in bloom at their grandparents’ home in the countryside, they are led by a chance encounter to discover the source of a mysterious music.

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