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7pm at Deluge: Everyday Star

Unless You’re Living It
Sarah Bliss | 8:22 | USA/Canada | 2019 | W Cdn Premiere
An edgy, unsettling portrait of place and power in rural white Ontario that challenges the correlation between seeing and knowing and the ravages of late-stage capitalism. Hand processing, contact printing, tinting and toning engage the film as a body that, like the residents of Mt. Forest, sustains injuries, wounds and burdens, but also has the capacity for delight, revelatory pleasure and transformation.

everyday star
Rajee Samarasinghe | 9:07 | Sri Lanka | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
Everyday states of being and decay are observed through the infinite scope of the cosmos and the restorative light which emanates from it, driving cinematic and photographic impulses.

Terra Velha [Old Earth]
Andrew Lima | 10:00 | Canada/Portugal | 2019 | W Cdn Premiere
Terra Velha is a visual and sonic study of disparate landscapes within the islands of the Azores, an archipelago situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. Structured via a series of static compositions, these sites exude traces of familiar but illusive cultural memory and a family history marked by diaspora. Through contemplative observation, elements within the landscapes gradually oscillate, notions of homeland and origin combine into an impressionistic memory, reaching all the way back through time to the moment of their volcanic birthing.

Wenhua Shi | 6:00 | China | 2019 | Cdn Premiere
Shi takes on a radical use of single frame image capture and examines his strange and familiar hometown in China, from which he has been away for nearly two decades. The film’s title comes from postwar Japanese avant garde artist group Gu-Tai. The kanji (Chinese) used to write “gu” means tool, measure or a way of doing something, while “tai” means body. Gutai is the result of intense looking and seeing what might not be there.

A Tree Is Like a Man – En la maloca de Don William
Thorbjorg Jonsdottir | 29:30 | Colombia/Iceland | 2019 | W Cdn Premiere
A Tree Is Like a Man – En la maloca de Don William is an attempt to touch the otherworld through its edges. Filmmaker Thorbjorg Jonsdottir met Ayahuasquero Don William in 2000 by chance while traveling in the Colombian Amazon. This encounter lead to a collaboration that developed over a decade between the filmmaker and the shaman. Shot on 16mm, the film serves as personal witness to Don William’s lifetime relationship to ayahuasca and other plant medicines that are native to the jungle. With the rainforest a rich labyrinthine background, this portrait is at once intimate and spare, opening up to alternate realities as dense as the jungle itself, with kaleidoscopic multiplicities in both the natural and the spiritual realms. Part ethnographic travelogue, part poetic formalism, the film never fully relies on genre tropes in its attempts to communicate the parallel histories and narratives of the Amazon and its cultural figureheads.

9pm at Deluge: Fragile Dream

Laura Iancu | 10:00 | USA | 2019 | W Cdn Premiere
A hybrid video made around concepts of ecological interdependence, solidarity with non-human beings and the devastating logic of biocidal synthetic chemicals use within industrial agriculture.

Pwdre Ser: the rot of stars
Charlotte Pryce | 6:40 | USA | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
The film depicts an encounter with a mysterious, luminous, electrical substance. Inspired equally by medieval accounts of visionary experiences and by 19th century photography of the invisible, it combines Kirlian photography with hand-processed images. Pwdre Ser is the Welsh name for a mythical substance that has been observed by many since the 1400s. 

Laurentides I (Paysage-Somme)
Geoffrey Boulangé | 12:27 | Canada | 2018 | NA Premiere
Laurentides I is part of the series Paysages-Sommes (Landscape-Sum) which explores landscape through compression of video and audio materials. 

Trace Nelson, Peter Sandmark | 3:35 | Canada | 2018 | W Cdn Premiere
Bartos is an experimental film originating from a walk through a garden, transformed into a waking revery—a dream-film capturing the textures of the moment, collaging and layering images into a moving abstract mediated experience.

Fragile Dream
Isabelle Hayeur | 20:00 | Canada/Australia | 2019 | W Cdn Premiere
This video was filmed in Australia, in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. The title refers to “Dreamtime” as the central theme of Aboriginal culture. In their conception of the world, all forms of life are part of a dynamic system of complex interactions. The earth, people, animals and plants are only parts of the same whole. Plunged into an unprecedented environmental crisis we know that this ideal remains an abstraction, a distant dream. Perhaps it is the Western worldview that has caused the imbalances that are now leading to disaster.

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