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3pm at Deluge: Remixing Latinx Cinema & Storytelling for the Indigenous Post-Apocalypse

TechnoTihuacan performers Rob Fatal and Bianca Oblivion present an artists talk/Q&A on utilizing unconventional filmmaking technology and hybrid styles of digital and sonic storytelling to express the integrated, ever-evolving story of the Latinx community and specifically indigenous storytelling in the indigenous post-apocalypse.

7pm at Deluge: Magic Explained

Danny’s Super 8
Colin Russell, Alec Rodriques | 4:00 | USA | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
A look into the work of underground filmmaker Danny Plotnick and his love for Super 8 film.

Magic Explained
Paul Tarragó | 7:00 | UK | 2019 | Cdn Premiere
Prestidigitation before the age of the pixel.

Muybridge’s Disobedient Horses
Anna Vasof | 4:00 | Austria | 2018 | NA Premiere
A series of four episodes in which Vasof investigates where she can find the essence of cinematic illusion when she looks into everyday life and what happens when she uses quotidian objects and movements as cinematographic mechanisms. Even if the principle behind the illusion has been around for many years and is taken for granted, each of Vasof´s episodes produces its own unique cinematic magic.

There Were Four of Us
Cassie Shao | 6:47 | China/USA | 2019 | W Cdn Premiere
This is an animation about non-linear dream experience that travels in and out of different spaces, times and realities. It started as a dream as always, but this is the first experiment in which I based the emotional concepts on my reality and it became something that examines what is personal from a distance.

Bird Milk
Christopher Strickler | 4:33 | Canada | 2018 | Vic Premiere
An anxiety-inducing exploration of colour and texture captured through a macro lens magnifying the artifacts and details of print media and driven by chaotic electronic music.

Cease & Desist
Ryan Steel | 3:10 | Canada | 2018 | W Cdn Premiere
Under the shadow of the billboards of Winnipeg’s ubiquitous miscreant, a freelance graphic designer encounters a rare type of cricket.

Roger Beebe | 24:37 | USA | 2019 | Cdn Premiere
Amazonia considers the key sites where the virtual world of e-commerce transforms physical space—and physical labor: the fulfilment centres where the millions of items available for purchase with the click of a mouse await our orders. The film visits the four cities—New Castle, Delaware; Fernley, Nevada; Coffeyville, Kansas; and Campbellsville, Kentucky—where Amazon’s four original fulfilment centres were located, to meditate on the impact online purchases have on the people and places “at the other end of the internet.” 

9pm at Deluge: TechnoTihuacan

Expanded Cinema Performance: Rob Fatal & Bianca Oblivion

TechnoTihuacan combines DJing and video art remixing into a feature length experimental film performed live. Exploring the intersectional story of Latinx contemporary life, TechnoTihuacan examines border politics, de-colonialism, queer sexuality, Afro-Latinx visibility, pop culture, trans identity and spirituality. The videos, a mix of original creations and curated works, are synced with techno/cumbia/merengue/vogue remixes that respond to and support the digital visuals. Video artist Rob Fatal and DJ Bianca Oblivion stitch together these often-fractured narratives of Latinx life into an indelible and cohesive whole using two turntables, two CDJs, two DJ mixers, projection mapping software and video DJ technology.Debuting to a sold out crowd as a featured exhibition as part of the 2018 National Queer Arts Festival in San Francisco, TechnoTihuacan was supported in part by the Queer Cultural Center and San Francisco Arts Commission.

Rob Fatal [TechnoTihuacan producer and VJ] is a video, photo and performance artist concerned with the Queer archive and exploring de-colonial aesthetics. Fatal has been awarded grants by the Berkeley Film Foundation, Queer Cultural Center, San Francisco Arts Commission and SOMArts Cultural Center. Their work has been screened internationally at Fringe! Queer Film & Art Festival (London), POPA Art Gallery (Buenos Aires), Frameline SF LGBTQ Film Festival, Galeria de la Raza (San Francisco), Toronto Queer Film Festival, Geneva LGBT Film Festival and First Nations Film Festival (Chicago). Fatal is an assistant professor of Theatre Arts and Film at Sacramento City College in Sacramento, California. As a Native American, Latinx and queer artist, Fatal finds community and culture to be their greatest artistic inspiration. To create with the collective minds of unique individuals is a practice that brings to them a great spiritual catharsis; a feeling of joy and power tied to the realization of what people working together can accomplish when in harmony: a home, a shared reality, justice and healing.

Bianca Oblivion [TechnoTihuacan producer and DJ] has continuously worked to create spaces for femme/non-binary, queer and POC artists in the Los Angeles nightlife scene. She throws club nights and hosts DJ workshops in addition to hosting a monthly NTS radio show, bridging together music communities worldwide while highlighting underrepresented artists. Her playlists and guest DJs are carefully curated to showcase sounds from across the global club spectrum.

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