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7pm at Deluge: Onward Lossless Follows

Wishing Well
Sylvia Schedelbauer | 13:00 | Germany | 2018 | W Cdn Premiere
Gushing colours. A time disjointed, yet synchronous.
A transcendent turn, a quest for agency, a reunion with currents of the forest.

Where the Truth Lies
Diane Nerwen | 4:11 | USA/Canada | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
Where the Truth Lies is a found footage collage poem for absurd times. Disparate images, sounds and text collide in a world of trickery and deception.

Phantom Ride Phantom
Siegfried A. Fruhauf | 10:00 | Austria | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
In an homage to Ken Jacobs’ film phantom ride, Phantom Ride Phantom traverses more than 100 years of avant-garde film history in compressed form and insinuates that the journey is by no means over.

There Must Be a Safe Space to Load the Building Materials
Ryan Betschart | 3:27 | USA | 2018 | World Premiere
Interpretation of a dream I had building a house with stock animation and Migos stuck in my head. Central to my dream was the worry: Is there a safe space to load the building materials? There must be.

The Peak Experience
Leslie Supnet | 8:05 | Canada | 2018 | W Cdn Premiere
Like in a dream
Being detached
Where you can explore
Many things in the past
Experiencing the present
The essence and future of you.
A meditation experience to unlock and reconcile with one’s past in an effort to imagine a future actualized self.

The Moons of Palaver
Eric Gaucher | 3:14 | Canada | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
The Moons of Palaver celebrates the rhythms, patterns, resonance and lyrical elusiveness that can be found or sought out on any particular evening. The original material (an intervalometer test of soft focus automotive headlights shot in the early 2000s) was rediscovered and reworked into a composite of abstract arrangements. The audio is a collage of various found material which was originally recorded in the late 1960s.

Onward Lossless Follows
Michael Robinson | 16:45 | USA | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
A password-protected love affair, a little vapour on Venus, and a horse with no name ride out in search of a better world. Against the mounting darkness, a willing abduction offers a stab at tomorrow.

9pm at Deluge: Roses for Ruins

Live Media/Music Performance: Lief Hall

Lief Hall presents an audio-visual performance featuring music from her most recent album Roses for Ruins accompanied by her own visuals. Blending electronic beats, foreboding synths and haunting vocal harmonies into pop-flirting melodies her music and visuals explore the connection between the personal and the political, nature, technology and the subconscious.

Lief Hall is an artist and musician living in Vancouver, BC and was previously one half of Canadian “femme noir” experimental pop duo MYTHS who toured with Grimes in 2012. Hall began her solo music project while living in Berlin in 2014, emerging out of her practice as an audio-visual performance artist, experimental vocalist and electronic music producer.

Hall’s practice as an interdisciplinary artist incorporates sound, installation, video, multimedia performance and choreography. Her installation and performance works explore themes of nature, technology and the body as they relate to mythology, mysticism and the posthuman voice.

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